Õpileping 1

I am interested in creating digital environment to support language learning process

Objectives (goals):

To answer a qusetions: What is digital educational environment in Estonia / app/ websites/etc ?

To obtain practical skills in  HTM, Photoshop / CoreDraw

Create adaptive framework  to distinguishe how digital tools can help in language learning process

To determine  how students/ kids can be supported by digital resources and technology in language learning process

Run a pilot initiative

• Study of theoretical material on the topic of interest;
• Pass the course Õpikeskkonnad -ja võrgustikud (attending lectures, doing homework, etc.);
• Study of the principles of work the interesting environments ;

Lecture printouts, digital educational media in Estonian, English and Russian
Udemy or Coursera online resources, digital magazines
Other course realted materials, published articles in edtechnology.co.ukCommunication with teachers / best practices in the field


Create a knowledge base excel  to track own progress

Do my best to follow best practises in M&E in education ( direct, indirect)

In process and end process measures

Reflection: TBD

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